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Tue Sep 4 20:27:26 UTC 2012

On 04/09/2012 19:33, Brian Stivala wrote:
> I have a watchguard firewall v80 which I’ve decided to amend it to PFSense
> based on freebsd. So far I’ve installed PFSense and everything is working
> accordingly. This firewall has 2x onboard nic cards and a PCI quad nic, as
> per attached photo.

Unfortunately the list management software ate your photo, but never
mind.  Your verbal description is sufficient.

> The onboard nics can be recognized however the PCI card is not being
> recognised, and the strange thing is that both onboard and the PCI uses the
> same chipset Intel 82559er Ethernet. How can I amend changes in freebsd
> modules so that the PCI card can be recognised.

There may be a good reason for your quad card not being recognised, or
it might just be a bug.

If you run:

   % pciconf -lv

You should be able to pick out your unrecognised device.  If you ask
again on freebsd-net at and include relevant sections from
the pciconf output, you should get to the attention of some of the guys
that write network drivers.

> Usually in other distros modules can be located in /etc/module however I
> cannot find where the modules are located in freebsd.

Verb Sap.  Calling FreeBSD a 'distro' is definitely non-U.  We generally
consider penguins a bit fishy round here...

If you want to locate the kernel modules for various hardware, look in
/boot/kernel.  NIC modules will generally have a name beginning 'if_'.

If you want to see what modules have been loaded into the kernel, then

    % kldstat

There's also 'kldload' and 'kldunload' but they aren't going to help you
for this problem.  PCI devices are discovered when the kernel probes the
bus at boot time: if the kernel hasn't already assigned a driver for the
device, then there isn't one available.

> Can I have some assistance.

Keeps asking good questions and you'll get useful answers.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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