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dweimer dweimer at
Tue Sep 4 21:20:47 UTC 2012

On 2012-09-04 15:26, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 04/09/2012 19:33, Brian Stivala wrote:
>> I have a watchguard firewall v80 which I’ve decided to amend it to 
>> PFSense
>> based on freebsd. So far I’ve installed PFSense and everything is 
>> working
>> accordingly. This firewall has 2x onboard nic cards and a PCI quad 
>> nic, as
>> per attached photo.
> Unfortunately the list management software ate your photo, but never
> mind.  Your verbal description is sufficient.
>> The onboard nics can be recognized however the PCI card is not being
>> recognised, and the strange thing is that both onboard and the PCI 
>> uses the
>> same chipset Intel 82559er Ethernet. How can I amend changes in 
>> freebsd
>> modules so that the PCI card can be recognised.
> There may be a good reason for your quad card not being recognised, 
> or
> it might just be a bug.
> If you run:
>    % pciconf -lv
> You should be able to pick out your unrecognised device.  If you ask
> again on freebsd-net at and include relevant sections from
> the pciconf output, you should get to the attention of some of the 
> guys
> that write network drivers.
>> Usually in other distros modules can be located in /etc/module 
>> however I
>> cannot find where the modules are located in freebsd.
> Verb Sap.  Calling FreeBSD a 'distro' is definitely non-U.  We 
> generally
> consider penguins a bit fishy round here...
> If you want to locate the kernel modules for various hardware, look 
> in
> /boot/kernel.  NIC modules will generally have a name beginning 
> 'if_'.
> If you want to see what modules have been loaded into the kernel, 
> then
> run:
>     % kldstat
> There's also 'kldload' and 'kldunload' but they aren't going to help 
> you
> for this problem.  PCI devices are discovered when the kernel probes 
> the
> bus at boot time: if the kernel hasn't already assigned a driver for 
> the
> device, then there isn't one available.
>> Can I have some assistance.
> Keeps asking good questions and you'll get useful answers.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

Definitely do some searching on the pfSense user forums 
<>, I run it at home on Alix board, and know I 
have ran across several threads about using it on watch guard hardware 
on the forums when looking for hardware alternatives before going with 
the Alix platform for running pfSense.  Someone may have already posted 
the answer you're looking for there.

    Dean E. Weimer

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