FreeBsd modules

Brian Stivala brianstivala at
Tue Sep 4 18:33:32 UTC 2012


I have a watchguard firewall v80 which I’ve decided to amend it to PFSense
based on freebsd. So far I’ve installed PFSense and everything is working
accordingly. This firewall has 2x onboard nic cards and a PCI quad nic, as
per attached photo.

The onboard nics can be recognized however the PCI card is not being
recognised, and the strange thing is that both onboard and the PCI uses the
same chipset Intel 82559er Ethernet. How can I amend changes in freebsd
modules so that the PCI card can be recognised.

Usually in other distros modules can be located in /etc/module however I
cannot find where the modules are located in freebsd.

Can I have some assistance.


Brian Stivala

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