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Fri Mar 2 12:45:24 UTC 2012

On 03/02/12 22:15, siefke_listen at wrote:
> Hello,
> On Fri, 2 Mar 2012 06:52:20 -0500 Jerry wrote:
>> I have an MFC-9560CDW that works (somewhat) but it needs CUPS
>> installed. Even then it doesn't work with a program that does
>> not offer an "LPR" print option.
> I installed cups. The printer is created but also, and the Linux drivers are
> also found. But he refuses to print. I would say this is due to the shell
> script.
Are you sure its just a script? Any clue as to what shell it is using? 
Bash? I do believe there should be some binaries there somewhere as well.

Do you know what printer language it is using? This was mostly obscured 
on the net, but I presume GDI.

You also may have some success using another similar driver (trial and 
error though).
>> The fact that it works under Windows is not surprising. Printing under
>> Windows "just works". There is a movement towards that goal now in
>> progress for now-Windows based systems. See
>> <>
>> for further details.
> It is clear under Windows would be running a cow with no effort. :)
Love this response :D
>> Brother does supply print drivers for Linux; however (and I have
>> checked), they have no intention of writing ones for other operating
>> systems. I have spend some time trying to port those drivers to BSD;
>> however, I just don't have the necessary time required to complete the
>> project. This is where a "paid" entity or organization to accomplish
>> such a task would be of immeasurable use.
> Yes it's true. I asked if Brother can not create a PPD file, without the
> junction with the shell scripts. Until now has not answered Brother.
You'll be lucky if you get an answer, but it will invariably be "no. 
Piss off, its not worth our time".

Its always hard to give up on a piece of hardware that _should_ work. 
Depends how hard you want to work to get it to operate: you can probably 
get one of those old pdp systems they've mentioned here recently to run 
FreeBSD, but it will take a lot of work :) But you do have a lot of help 

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