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Fri Mar 2 12:16:00 UTC 2012


On Fri, 2 Mar 2012 06:52:20 -0500 Jerry wrote:
> I have an MFC-9560CDW that works (somewhat) but it needs CUPS
> installed. Even then it doesn't work with a program that does
> not offer an "LPR" print option.

I installed cups. The printer is created but also, and the Linux drivers are
also found. But he refuses to print. I would say this is due to the shell 
> The fact that it works under Windows is not surprising. Printing under
> Windows "just works". There is a movement towards that goal now in
> progress for now-Windows based systems. See
> <>
> for further details.

It is clear under Windows would be running a cow with no effort. :)

> Brother does supply print drivers for Linux; however (and I have
> checked), they have no intention of writing ones for other operating
> systems. I have spend some time trying to port those drivers to BSD;
> however, I just don't have the necessary time required to complete the
> project. This is where a "paid" entity or organization to accomplish
> such a task would be of immeasurable use.

Yes it's true. I asked if Brother can not create a PPD file, without the 
junction with the shell scripts. Until now has not answered Brother.


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