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Fri Mar 2 13:13:36 UTC 2012


On Fri, 02 Mar 2012 22:40:21 +1000 Da Rock wrote:
> Are you sure its just a script? Any clue as to what shell it is using? 
> Bash? I do believe there should be some binaries there somewhere as well.

Yes im sure. I have a ppd File, they linked
to /usr/local/libexec/brlpdwrapperMFC730 and thats a shell scipt. 

Bash, its start with #! /bin/sh.
> Do you know what printer language it is using? This was mostly obscured 
> on the net, but I presume GDI.

Yes the printer use GDI. I have try other Brother Printer Driver, but thats
most end in empty letter print without end. 

> You'll be lucky if you get an answer, but it will invariably be "no. 
> Piss off, its not worth our time".

That makes me really angry. I understand it even if software companies keep
your code closed, every programmer has to eat too. But why not give hardware
manufacturers enough information so that other programmers can assemble a
capable driver, is beyond my understanding.
> Its always hard to give up on a piece of hardware that _should_ work. 
> Depends how hard you want to work to get it to operate: you can probably 
> get one of those old pdp systems they've mentioned here recently to run 
> FreeBSD, but it will take a lot of work :) But you do have a lot of help 
> here...

I know FreeBSD now for 4 years. I started on my servers, then I am also
change the Ubuntu Desktop (shame) to Freebsd. Only now I have
installed Gentoo, because FreeBSD will not run some programms.
Gentoo comes very close to Freebsd. The community from FreeBSD
is really the best i see. The community of Freebsd share the knowledge,
without making to smart. 

PS. When u want see the scripts i can send it. Its really all shell scripts.


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