Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

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Mon Jun 11 16:59:51 UTC 2012

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:11:11 -0600
Chad Perrin articulated:

>On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 07:23:20AM -0400, Jerry wrote:
>> It is fairly easy to understand both sides in this discussion. When
>> Microsoft supporters refer to open-source software as "open-sore" or
>> "socialist-software" the FOSS community becomes enraged. However,
>> when the open-source community retaliates it is considered
>> acceptable. Quite frankly I read far more Microsoft based forums
>> than open-source based ones and I can say without a doubt, at least
>> in my experience, Microsoft proponents never attack open-source with
>> the venomous hatred that open-source attacks Microsoft. In fact, the
>> majority of Microsoft users that I know could not care less about
>> what they consider an overly burdensome (geeky) open-source
>> operating system.
>> The whole argument can probably be boiled do to this:
>> Disparaging other operating systems (Microsoft) and pointing out its
>> failures is beneficial, constructive and therapeutic. Pointing out
>> problems and failures regarding your own OS is destructive and flame
>> bait.
>Perhaps you're spending too much time in the community venues of open
>source software projects.  In communities devoted to use of software
>peddled by Microsoft, the reverse would be true, and this seems to me
>not the least bit surprising, or even particularly inappropriate.
>When you stroll into a venue where it can reasonably be assumed there
>is a general consensus position of favoring one thing over another
>(such as a sports bar in Colorado, which would likely favor the
>Broncos over the Raiders), then start loudly proclaiming the evils of
>the favored thing relative to the unfavored (such as talking about how
>much better the Raiders are than the Broncos, and how the Broncos fans
>are all a bunch of pansy whiners, as you tend to do about open source
>software users and advocates while you're hanging out here on a
>FreeBSD mailing list), what you are contributing to the discussion may
>quite understandably be called "flamebait".  Expressing surprise that
>someone would apply such a label in these circumstances is, in my
>estimation, at least disingenuous if not wholly ludicrous, directly
>deceptive, and/or frankly dumb.

Your paranoia is kicking in again isn't it Chad. Anyway, to address
your sports analogy, if I walk into a NY City bar and enter into a
discussion regarding the pros and cons of the Jets VS Giants, which in
itself is ridiculous since neither is actually located in NY, and
blatantly scream out that the (Jets of Giants -- you pick) are a bunch
of mother-fucking, wife beating pedophiles, I think you would agree,
unless you happen to belong to that group, that I have gone way over
the top in my team assessment. There is a major difference between
criticizing and defamation. Perhaps someday you will learn the
difference. For the record, I have never heard of anyone using the term
"mafia" while referring to the FOSS. Then again, the "Mafia" is a
highly organized operation. I might also add that many people of
Italian descent consider the term "mafia" offensive.

>I, for one, generally try to avoid saying nonfactually disparaging
>things about Microsoft or (especially) users of software peddled by
>Microsoft in venues like this mailing list, in part because it's a bit
>unsportsmanlike, and in part because it doesn't really contribute
>anything positive.  It's kind of mind-boggling that people like you
>make no evident effort to avoid saying disparaging things about
>FreeBSD and its users in venues like this mailing list, where it's
>trollish, does not contribute anything positive, and directly offends
>large numbers of people subscribed to the list.

When was this election held Chad? I am referring to the one that
appointed you list spokesperson. In any case, you make an interesting
statement without offering any documentation. Are you a politician
Chad? I was inquiring because you seem to like making sound bites sans

Jerry ♔

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