Horrible installer (was: Re: FreeBSD 9)

gore koggybsd at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 01:08:46 UTC 2012

On Monday 23 January 2012 05:18:01 pm B. Kyle Adkins wrote:
> I'm very new to FreeBSD but it seems to me that the installer is
> pretty much ok.   My only wish is that there might be a little more
> info upfront somewhere, preferably in the installer somewhere, about
> setting up for a dual boot.   I couldn't find in the handbook, (that
> may be my fault, don't know, but i finally googled the info i needed,
> after thinking that I had inadvertently committed my Windows slice
> into the abyss.  maybe that was a good thing, but....

Heh, I remember back in the day when I FIRST got to use FreeBSD for the 
very first time; I bought the BSD PowerPak, complete with FreeBSD 4.0, 
the 4 CD-ROM set, and a 6 CD toolkit, and "The Complete FreeBSD" book 
3rd edition,  Which is one of the best books ever written on BSD, or 
any OS period. Back then, I was running my Computer, it had Windows 98 
SE, dual booting with a Linux distro (I used a few and formatted a lot 
to try new things so it could have been any of them) and then I decided 
to tri-boot Windows 98 SE, Linux, and FreeBSD...

To put it mildly; The BSD installer overwrote my MBR even though I said 
not to, and wouldn't boot Windows. So it only booted Linux and FreeBSD.

I was TOTALLY new to Computers in general still, but even back then, I 
knew I'd stumbled upon something special. I've also had installs go bad 
and I couldn't boot Windows anymore either, so I know how you feel.

Right now, My Wife and I have 11 computers, and all of mine are running 
some form of BSD (ONLY FreeBSD and PC-BSD, which is FreeBSD with a 
pretty pain job and some custom apps that I like) and then a Slackware 
12.0 FTP Server which is just my first Computer I ever bought because 
it still works, and then, I have my main desktop dual booting Windows 7 
and Slackware as well. Every other machine is now running some form of 
FreeBSD. I like that. BSD has come a long way in terms of desktop 
usability over the years. I mean you could use FreeBSD as a Desktop or 
Workstation easily, but it COULD be a little but of a pain in the butt 
now and then for that, as it really is aimed at Servers. These days; 
It's much easier I think. And I LOVE FreeBSD. I have downloaded and 
tried out NetBSD but I didn't ever like it. I refuse to try OpenBSD, 
because I hate that damned talking turnip Theo, and, if anyone 
remembers "unixpunx" back in the day, I still have the Live CD they 
made based on FreeBSD :)

> IMO though, the installer should be as lightweight and spare as
> possible, that is, if the engineering dudes are writing it.  I would
> rather see them doing their fantastic work on the OS, not on the
> installer anyway.   Seems to me that a full-featured GUI installer
> would be a good project for the community?  

Actually, you could try out PC-BSD :) I'm installing 9.0 on my Laptop 
right now. I predict in the near future, with the rate at which PC-BSD 
is going, it's going to become MAJOR MAJOR COMPETITION to Linux, and 
even the Idiotic Ubuntu. I don't like Ubuntu... I do like Slackware and 
SUSE, but Ubuntu just..... I like Debian, and it's retarded cousin 
Ubuntu is NOT for me. I use the installation media I have for it, for 
the SAME purpose I use my Windows NT and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 
Edition CDs; Coffee Coasters.

> from my point of view, I would rather learn how to do this by hand,
> because then i would come out learning a lot more, and  knowing more
> about my own system.   Probably be next on my agenda.

I personally would like to learn that part too. However, I don't think 
it should EVER be a requirement. I mean, when it comes down to it, I 
think we could all admit, FreeBSD is the most popular BSD because it 
was the first one to actually try and get something out there that was 
installable without being a guru. NetBSD and OpenBSD are barely 
catching up, and I don't care; FreeBSD and PC-BSD, are becoming very 
quickly my main OSs these days. I used to use SUSE Debian and Slackware 
for most of my stuff, but anymore, I don't. BSD has, FINALLY, got 
something called "PC-BSD" where I can use the stability of FreeBSD, 
but, with then fast and easy set up of something like RedHat. I hate 
RedHat so I'm VERY happy Pc-BSD has come along so far. I've got 
versions of it going back pretty far heh. I actually have a CD / DVD 
case that is dedicated JUST to BSD. and it's LOADED. FreeBSD going back 
to 4.0, and other BSD stuff I have. All in there. And!!!! For 
Christmas, I got a new FreeBSD tee, hoody, and a FreeBSD CD/DVD Case. I 
LOVE it. I also got stickers and stuff, and ANOTHER FreeBSD PC Case 
thingy, and I love it.

> since this is my first contact with the community, I would like to
> thank the development folks properly for the awesome work that they
> do, and to those who contribute to this list.

If you want to thank them properly, I'd HIGHLY recommend buying some of 
the books! Look into "The FreeBSD Mall" and on the left hand side, 
you'll see a section called "Books and Magazines". Look through it, and 
grab a book or two. Some of the money you spend there, goes to the team 
as far as I know.

I personally have every FreeBSD book on there except one; "The best of 
FreeBSD Basics" which I don't own, however, my FreeBSD book collection, 
takes up an entire book shelf by itself. I buy a LOT of BSD stuff. You 
can also donate money there as well. Even a Dollar. Every bit counts, 
and every bit helps. I do what I can, when I can. I lost my job a while 
back so I haven't been able to, but, when Christmas came a month ago; I 
went to my Mom's House, and had my Mom load up the FreeBSD Mall web 
site and, we spent a couple hundred dollars. If you're new to FreeBSD I 
VERY much recommend buying some books and some of the BSD Magazines!!! 
I can't say that enough. I got my first two issues for Christmas this 
past year and I LOVE them!!!!

Also, you should look up Marshall Kirk McKusic, and go to his web site. 
On his site you can buy a DVD called "20 years of Berkeley Unix" and 
buy that!! It's a GREAT DVD, and it's just so awesome. It's very 
informative, and very funny! I LOVE him. If you're new to this, try 
that out of you can afford to right now :)

BSD user

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