Horrible installer (was: Re: FreeBSD 9)

B. Kyle Adkins bkyleadkins at cox.net
Mon Jan 23 22:54:58 UTC 2012

I'm very new to FreeBSD but it seems to me that the installer is pretty much ok.   My only wish is that there might be a little more info upfront somewhere, preferably in the installer somewhere, about setting up for a dual boot.   I couldn't find in the handbook, (that may be my fault, don't know, but i finally googled the info i needed, after thinking that I had inadvertently committed my Windows slice into the abyss.  maybe that was a good thing, but....  

IMO though, the installer should be as lightweight and spare as possible, that is, if the engineering dudes are writing it.  I would rather see them doing their fantastic work on the OS, not on the installer anyway.   Seems to me that a full-featured GUI installer would be a good project for the community?  (ok, yeah they could have left sysinstall alone, but so what???)  If you had to depend on sysinstall on a daily basis, i could see having issues with the change, but then again, if you are using it that often a custom install script....something... would be better anyway.

from my point of view, I would rather learn how to do this by hand, because then i would come out learning a lot more, and  knowing more about my own system.   Probably be next on my agenda.

since this is my first contact with the community, I would like to thank the development folks properly for the awesome work that they do, and to those who contribute to this list.

Kyle Adkins
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On Jan 23, 2012, at 9:27 AM, Mark Felder <feld at feld.me> wrote:

> All of these complaints can go directly to /dev/null
> Just as you don't get to express your opinion about the government if you don't vote, you don't get to express your opinion about -RELEASE changes when you didn't run the STABLE/RC/BETAs. You had your chance to help improve FreeBSD for everyone, assuming your concerns really are valid and far-reaching. You opted out. No longer the core team's problem.
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