Horrible installer (was: Re: FreeBSD 9)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Jan 23 18:25:08 UTC 2012

>> Allan 		 	   		  _______________________________________________
> Erm, you have to realize the new installer was discussed at length here,
> when 9.0 was still under development/beta/prerelease.
> Alternatively, you could do like me and install entirely by hand:
> - boot an MFSBSD image (thanks mm@ )
> - partition your disks from there (see http://my.gd/bsd.htm for a rough
> sketch on how to use gpart)
> - fetch the 9.0 archives in .txz (tar.xz) format
> - unpack archives with xz -d
> - untar archived to the mountpoint with your new filesystems (eg: tar xf
> base.tar -C /mnt)
> - customize configuration files (rc.conf, fstab, root's password or SSH
> key, sshd_config to allow root login temporarily)

and almost like me installing previous release (FreeBSD 8) everywhere.

i just made once bootable pendrive with system, lots of tools and
whole system as .tar.gz files (made my own compiling from cvs)

actually i add

to make.conf so i don't build it at all.

And IMHO sysinstall should not exist, while good documentation about 
installing BY HAND should be there.

Someone that cannot install it him/herself will not be able to ever manage 
it after so why waste time.

Do not forget that FreeBSD is for unix users, contrary to linux which is 
for windoze haters.

Again i propose removing sysinstall altogether.

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