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On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 12:41 PM, doug <doug at> wrote:

> I wish someone with some FreeBSD weight would make this request, but I
> think this thread got a little off topic.

Oh buddy...

> The main thrust of the FreeBSD project seems to be making the best server
> OS possible. That I think they do that pretty well. I have long held that
> to be viable long term in the server game you have to at least be credible
> in the desktop game. I hope some of the desktop projects will bear fruit in
> this area.

I bought into FreeBSD as PC-BSD and am enjoying it greatly.  It beats
Windows, for me, and makes considerably more structural sense than the
Linuxes I have experienced (Debian and, more recently, Ubuntu.) The boot
configuration and directory structure is more comprehensible.

If I were not too old and (more to be point) too obsolete technically I
> would put my efforts where my thoughts lead me. As it is, I use FreeBSD as
> a desktop because it requires me to get into areas just administering a
> server farm would never take me. The upsie fpr me is that never crashes.
> That it works okay on an 800MHz, 500MB old dell server does not hurt
> either. The pain that comes with that is my choice.

I never had the skill and still don't.  As users go I'm pretty
knowledgeable, and in fact was once a Windows network desktop tech in a big
hospital corporation, but as far as writing code and making a serious
difference, nope, sorry, I never learned how.

> That said, FreeBSD has a giant disadvantage in the desktop world. In
> trying to find if there will be any sort for my current laptop

I don't know what your current laptop is, but PC-BSD is running fine on my
Sony Vaio VPC-EC2TFX/W1, on my Asus eee, and it runs acceptably on my
Toshiba Satellite U505-S2950, although it tend to forget the screen size on
that one and need to be reminded from time to time.

I came across a comment from Robert Noland saying that Xorg is becoming
> more and more Linux centric. That is a problem the FreeBSD project can not
> overcome.

Sure it can, the same way Linux got where it is today - get people's
interest.  I think PC-BSD should help.  Or, some FreeBSD project people can
contribute to the Xorg project as well... it's not over, we're just where
we are.

> That along with the way Intel does its video drivers makes supporting new
> stuff non trivial if not daunting.

And that, alas, is beyond my ability to even address.


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