sour grapes .. was FreeBSD Kernel Internals Documentation

doug doug at
Sun Jan 1 18:41:35 UTC 2012

I wish someone with some FreeBSD weight would make this request, but I think 
this thread got a little off topic.

The main thrust of the FreeBSD project seems to be making the best server OS 
possible. That I think they do that pretty well. I have long held that to be 
viable long term in the server game you have to at least be credible in the 
desktop game. I hope some of the desktop projects will bear fruit in this area. 
If I were not too old and (more to be point) too obsolete technically I would 
put my efforts where my thoughts lead me. As it is, I use FreeBSD as a desktop 
because it requires me to get into areas just administering a server farm would 
never take me. The upsie fpr me is that never crashes. That it works okay on an 
800MHz, 500MB old dell server does not hurt either. The pain that comes with 
that is my choice.

That said, FreeBSD has a giant disadvantage in the desktop world. In trying to 
find if there will be any sort for my current laptop I came across a comment 
from Robert Noland saying that Xorg is becoming more and more Linux centric. 
That is a problem the FreeBSD project can not overcome. That along with the way 
Intel does its video drivers makes supporting new stuff non trivial if not 

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