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Sun Jan 1 19:30:27 UTC 2012

On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 7:41 PM, doug <doug at> wrote:
> That said, FreeBSD has a giant disadvantage in the desktop world. In trying
> to find if there will be any sort for my current laptop I came across a
> comment from Robert Noland saying that Xorg is becoming more and more Linux
> centric. That is a problem the FreeBSD project can not overcome.

Did he mean frameworks like evdev(4) and so?

Stuff like this really ought to be backported to FreeBSD, either
directly or by providing more Linuxisms on our side. It only
shows that our Linuxulator framework isn't compatible enough
with Linux and needs to be extended. There's no /technical/
reason why it can't be done.

And yes, it's a pain. But if most 3rd party software developers
converge towards a Linux "standard" (whatever that moving
target "standard" may be), we may have to inch towards this
standard too. That kind of convergence happened in the Unix
world all the time, including with POSIX. Now Linux is the new
de facto standard platform the 3rd party software, we may as
well adapt FreeBSD/Linuxulator.

Kind regards and a Happy New Year. ;-)


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