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> > > but i've been doing this for a while, and
> > > until i was away for five days, everything had been going
> > > fine for over a month.  oh:: one power-out.  the UPS saved
> > > the server, but everything else needed to be reinitialized.
> > 
> > A lesson that I learned many years ago - if you can afford a "big" UPS
> > for your servers, you can afford a "little" one for your telco/network
> > equipment.
> > 
> I'm using some PoE kit to power the router remotely down it's LAN cable, 
> that in turn run's from the protected supply from the UPS.  Said UPS also 
> powers the main network switch, as well as my own LAN server (f'BSD 
> based, to stay vaguely on toppic!) Plus two other PC's and a NAS device.
> It'll hold that lot up, for over 20 minutes when the lights go out (the 
> longest unscheduled outage so far.)  It's also configured to NOT come 
> back, if it runs down and cuts out.  I'll do that manually if needed.  
> (Not so far.)  I never did get the BSD port of APCUPSD to work correctly.
> All works well.  Also, easy to do a router "Hard" restart, without going 
> to the router itself.   And if it does all die, it fails safe.
> Regards.
> Dave B.

	see, if i had help at =your= level of expertise, i'd be
	fine.  4 days in the icu is still ,messing me up a bit, but 
	i grok most of what you're saying to matt.  

	Oh, and for those who suggested i hire somebody instead of
	relying on volunteers:: while there is a seattle linux
	group, gslug, i know 0.0 people who have a clue about BSD.  
	i've asked around--the senior techs at the telco have no
	clue when i [or someone who can speak] mentioned 'unix'.
	i've tried to find some students at the u/washington.  zip.  
	linux, a few people mumble, 'yes, ive heard of that.' but
	unix, or berkeley unix , or sun unix.  {gawk: Orifice unix, 
	rather} Zero.  

	BTW, ive not had time nor savvy to get the APC UPS Port
	installed.  besides, right now, there in only one 2009 dell
	2-cpu on the battery.  it has saved state twice.  but i
	=still= had to get down and crawl around with flashlight in
	teeth and power off stuff.  -no, no 'poor gary'; that's just
	the bare facts.


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