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Fri Sep 23 11:59:44 UTC 2011

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> > but i've been doing this for a while, and
> > until i was away for five days, everything had been going
> > fine for over a month.  oh:: one power-out.  the UPS saved
> > the server, but everything else needed to be reinitialized.
> A lesson that I learned many years ago - if you can afford a "big" UPS
> for your servers, you can afford a "little" one for your telco/network
> equipment.

I'm using some PoE kit to power the router remotely down it's LAN cable, 
that in turn run's from the protected supply from the UPS.  Said UPS also 
powers the main network switch, as well as my own LAN server (f'BSD 
based, to stay vaguely on toppic!) Plus two other PC's and a NAS device.

It'll hold that lot up, for over 20 minutes when the lights go out (the 
longest unscheduled outage so far.)  It's also configured to NOT come 
back, if it runs down and cuts out.  I'll do that manually if needed.  
(Not so far.)  I never did get the BSD port of APCUPSD to work correctly.

All works well.  Also, easy to do a router "Hard" restart, without going 
to the router itself.   And if it does all die, it fails safe.


Dave B.

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