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Matt Emmerton matt at
Fri Sep 23 02:48:10 UTC 2011

>> >> *Finally*, i  saw that my telco router was displaying "INT" in red
>> >> LED's.  i didn't know they displayed in any other color but the
>> >> default green, but after power-cycling, voila! back to green.  
>> >> and now, yes, i can ping  and i'm pretty sure other
>> >> network things will work too.  

The Mark I eyeball is an amazing tool.

I recently had a HDSL link provided by my telco go down.  I happened to be 2
hours away from the facility at the time.  Tech support said the problem was
the router because they couldn't get to it, and they just wouldn't believe
me that it was up.  (I could ping it from the "inside" via the secondary
network connection.)  So after I drove to the facility, I noticed that the
HDSL modem (which is line-powered from some box on the street) had no
lights.  Ahah!  28 hours later (sigh) they found a blown circuit breaker


> but i've been doing this for a while, and
> until i was away for five days, everything had been going
> fine for over a month.  oh:: one power-out.  the UPS saved
> the server, but everything else needed to be reinitialized.

A lesson that I learned many years ago - if you can afford a "big" UPS for
your servers, you can afford a "little" one for your telco/network

Matt Emmerton

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