much to my surprise....

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> --As of September 22, 2011 6:31:19 PM -0700, Gary Kline is alleged
> to have said:
> >	i'm to the point where letting somebody else handle the
> >	dns-and-outward side sounds better by the day.  i'v got more
> >	question if you care to answer them.  i've been using
> > for a few years--8 or 9 anyway.  but if switching to
> >	dyndns saves a lot of my flubs,  hey.
> --As for the rest, it is mine.
> Just as an alternative vote: I've been using ZoneEdit for years.
> It's free if you are just running a couple of small sites.
> (Although I haven't tried their dynamic DNS features. I just pay the
> ISP for a static.)

	i've got 5 static IP's and several / many virtual domains.
	that's one reason i've hesitated.  i'd guess maybe 3-6 megs
	of stuff.  mostly text. is home; another directory hosts; another is;  and

	i want to add a bbs or forum like phpbb3, IIRC.  If i find
	some reasonable hosting place, how will be be able to mess
	with that.  last time, i remember getting that going pretty
	tough.  i'd like to have forums available on at least two of
	my virtual or subdomain websites.

	having it HERE, no problem ...  

	hm.  there was recent discussion about mysql and openoffice
	and all that stuff.  i was having trouble  with mysql .
	that's a whole nother thread.

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