much to my surprise....

Daniel Staal DStaal at
Fri Sep 23 01:43:03 UTC 2011

--As of September 22, 2011 6:31:19 PM -0700, Gary Kline is alleged to have 

> 	i'm to the point where letting somebody else handle the
> 	dns-and-outward side sounds better by the day.  i'v got more
> 	question if you care to answer them.  i've been using
> for a few years--8 or 9 anyway.  but if switching to
> 	dyndns saves a lot of my flubs,  hey.

--As for the rest, it is mine.

Just as an alternative vote: I've been using ZoneEdit for years.  It's free 
if you are just running a couple of small sites.  (Although I haven't tried 
their dynamic DNS features. I just pay the ISP for a static.)

Daniel T. Staal

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