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> >> >> *Finally*, i  saw that my telco router was displaying "INT" in red
> >> >> LED's.  i didn't know they displayed in any other color but the
> >> >> default green, but after power-cycling, voila! back to green.  
> >> >> and now, yes, i can ping  and i'm pretty sure other
> >> >> network things will work too.  
> The Mark I eyeball is an amazing tool.

	well, cant be sure, but my router is q1000.  [?]

> I recently had a HDSL link provided by my telco go down.  I happened to be 2
> hours away from the facility at the time.  Tech support said the problem was
> the router because they couldn't get to it, and they just wouldn't believe
> me that it was up.  (I could ping it from the "inside" via the secondary
> network connection.)  So after I drove to the facility, I noticed that the
> HDSL modem (which is line-powered from some box on the street) had no
> lights.  Ahah!  28 hours later (sigh) they found a blown circuit breaker
> somewhere.

	AH!  one thin i have has problems with over the years is
	cars hitting power poles somewhere and that knocks me off. 
	After last time i put everything thru  my highend surge
	protecter.  EVERYTHING was live.  i had never [not once in
	ten years] had the "Internet" flow go south.  mine has been
	green.  i saw that all LED's were lit and never thought to 
	see if the lights were all-green or not!  live and learn.  

	so, along with "check routers/switches; maybe power cycle"
	i have use named debug, use traceroute.
> <snip>
> > but i've been doing this for a while, and
> > until i was away for five days, everything had been going
> > fine for over a month.  oh:: one power-out.  the UPS saved
> > the server, but everything else needed to be reinitialized.
> A lesson that I learned many years ago - if you can afford a "big" UPS for
> your servers, you can afford a "little" one for your telco/network
> equipment.

	such as? brand, model?  would it work to just plug my surge
	protecto into my larger UPS?   ---yes, that wouldn't save me
	from as glitch in this telco router.  but since the APC UPC
	has its own surge filter, i'm thinking, why not/?


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