Unable to umount

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Sun Mar 13 04:36:42 UTC 2011

Warren Block <wblock at wonkity.com> wrote:

> lsof reports nothing open on either the mountpoint or the device.
> fstat blames gam_server:
> % fstat /home/wblock/Desktop/removable-storage/
> USER     CMD          PID   FD MOUNT      INUM MODE         SZ|DV R/W NAME
> wblock   gam_server  1409  776 /usr/home/wblock/Desktop/removable-storage 244864 drwx------    4096  r  /home/wblock/Desktop/removable-storage/

Does this show a bug in lsof(8), or an intentional difference
between it and fstat?

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