Installing squid, where should the directories be?

Kevin Wilcox kevin.wilcox at
Wed Mar 9 16:06:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 10:27, Leslie Jensen <leslie at> wrote:

> I'm installing squid on a new 8.2-RELEASE machine.

Me too.

> I have /usr/local/squid as default directory and has made a separate mount
> point.

Same here. As a general rule I like to give squid its own hard drive,
or its own RAID. Giving it a separate partition on a single drive is
useful if you're concerned about filling the disk but that *should* be
controlled by the squid configuration file. Still, it's a good idea.

> When it comes to the cache and the logs directory I can see that the squid
> installation has created the /var/squid/cache directory.

I've always seen /var/squid as being very "Linux-centric".

/usr/local/squid or /usr/local/var/squid makes more sense to me.

> When Googling this problem I see both the use of /var/squid and
> /usr/local/squid.

> Where should it be?

Yep, ultimately it doesn't matter as long as you know where it is, you
document where it is and your settings are correct in

By default squid will use /var/squid. I always change it on install.

> When running the command squid -z to initialize the cache the cache
> directory must be there otherwise the command won't work.
> How should I set the permissions on /usr/local/squid and the directories
> below?

I use 755, squid:squid.

> I could not find any advise in the Handbook. I'll be happy to help making a
> squid chapter.

I'm writing some internal documentation on deploying pf + squid 2.7.x
+ SNMP on FreeBSD 8.2 routers/firewalls with cacti monitoring, I'll
contribute what I can. I doubt we'll see a section on squid as it's
really a niche area but it's always good to have something on the list
so folks doing a search can find something useful. If it's going to be
a few days before you get into the heavy lifting I'll try to send
something directly or maybe a link to this list this weekend.

You said you had notes from doing a 2.x installation, are you
installing 3.x? . I'm sticking with 2.7.STABLE9 for storeurl support
in some places and considering 3.x in others. 3.2 introduced SMP
support but you can achieve pseudo-SMP support by running multiple
instances on the same machine...just remember each instance has its
own RAM and disk cache, which sort of kills the performance.


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