Installing squid, where should the directories be?

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Wed Mar 9 15:45:21 UTC 2011

Hello list.

I'm installing squid on a new 8.2-RELEASE machine.

I've done it it before with squid 2.x and I have notes to follow.

A few questions have turned up.

I have /usr/local/squid as default directory and has made a separate 
mount point.

When it comes to the cache and the logs directory I can see that the 
squid installation has created the /var/squid/cache directory.

When Googling this problem I see both the use of /var/squid and 

Where should it be?

When running the command squid -z to initialize the cache the cache 
directory must be there otherwise the command won't work.

How should I set the permissions on /usr/local/squid and the directories 

I find what I consider conflicting information, often it's quite dated.

I could not find any advise in the Handbook. I'll be happy to help 
making a squid chapter.



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