Installing squid, where should the directories be?

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Wed Mar 9 18:30:53 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-09 17:06, Kevin Wilcox wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 10:27, Leslie Jensen<leslie at>  wrote:
>> I'm installing squid on a new 8.2-RELEASE machine.
> Me too.
>> I have /usr/local/squid as default directory and has made a separate mount
>> point.
> Same here. As a general rule I like to give squid its own hard drive,
> or its own RAID. Giving it a separate partition on a single drive is
> useful if you're concerned about filling the disk but that *should* be
> controlled by the squid configuration file. Still, it's a good idea.
>> When it comes to the cache and the logs directory I can see that the squid
>> installation has created the /var/squid/cache directory.
> I've always seen /var/squid as being very "Linux-centric".
> /usr/local/squid or /usr/local/var/squid makes more sense to me.
>> When Googling this problem I see both the use of /var/squid and
>> /usr/local/squid.
>> Where should it be?
> Yep, ultimately it doesn't matter as long as you know where it is, you
> document where it is and your settings are correct in
> /usr/local/etc/squid/squid.conf.
> By default squid will use /var/squid. I always change it on install.
>> When running the command squid -z to initialize the cache the cache
>> directory must be there otherwise the command won't work.
>> How should I set the permissions on /usr/local/squid and the directories
>> below?
> I use 755, squid:squid.
>> I could not find any advise in the Handbook. I'll be happy to help making a
>> squid chapter.
> I'm writing some internal documentation on deploying pf + squid 2.7.x
> + SNMP on FreeBSD 8.2 routers/firewalls with cacti monitoring, I'll
> contribute what I can. I doubt we'll see a section on squid as it's
> really a niche area but it's always good to have something on the list
> so folks doing a search can find something useful. If it's going to be
> a few days before you get into the heavy lifting I'll try to send
> something directly or maybe a link to this list this weekend.
> You said you had notes from doing a 2.x installation, are you
> installing 3.x? . I'm sticking with 2.7.STABLE9 for storeurl support
> in some places and considering 3.x in others. 3.2 introduced SMP
> support but you can achieve pseudo-SMP support by running multiple
> instances on the same machine...just remember each instance has its
> own RAM and disk cache, which sort of kills the performance.
> kmw

Thanks Kevin.

I'm ok with the configuration. My new install is version 3.1 and I'll 
keep /usr/local/squid for now to avoid the need for reinstalling and to 
make /var/squid big enough and as a separate partiton.


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