Two Networks on one System

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Jun 20 14:46:03 UTC 2011

Matthew Seaman writes:
> Yes.  It's common in the sense that a lot of people think its something
> that should work, and get confused when it doesn't prove simple to set up.

	Thank you. I think I may have stumbled on to what I need
to do discussed in the Handbook under the multi-homed host
section. We won't be doing any routing between the two networks
but I think I have been using the wrong form of the route
command as there is an example of something very similar which I
will try to see if the second NIC will  finally find its router.

	I appreciate your answer as it clears up a few more
questions I had.

	My thanks also to

    Gary Gatten
>Probably only a single active "default" global ip route, but you can add network/host routes to prefer a specific interface for said routes.

Again thanks to all. I will keep digging.

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