Sorry. Numpty alert! FreeBSD Jails... Help?

Edward myself at
Wed Jun 8 01:00:24 UTC 2011

On 6/8/11 2:53 AM, Dave wrote:
> Hi All.
> What I have learnt so far, is that (for the most part) all the BSD's 
> behave and work much the same.  Unlike the hoards of different Linux's, 
> all with their different ways of doing things.
> Spleen vented, anyone want a challenge?  I promise not to shout at you...
Dave, in my experience, I've always refer to the Handbook
for setup of BSD & applications. Only if there's non, then proceed to
seek advice from Larry & Sergey.

You can find the following post to be helpful :
- FreeBSD OS setup :
- Jail setup :

Disclosure : the links posted up there are from my blog, except the
always trusted source, Handbook from

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