Sorry. Numpty alert! FreeBSD Jails... Help?

a.smith at a.smith at
Tue Jun 7 21:05:11 UTC 2011

Hi Dave,

   I didn't find it total plain sailing myself when I did this for the  
first time a few months back.

Ok, so I think you are sitting in "/usr/src" trying to run the make  
buildworld right? If you are getting the error you mentioned then I  
think it means you are missing the Makefile? Ie if you do an ls there  
is no file called "Makefile". In that case you need to install it,  
which if via sysinstall you need to go:

base (this has the Makefile)

then select ok, and choose FTP etc etc,

If you have the other sources already then you should be good to go,

cheers Andy.

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