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Fri Jul 15 00:42:34 UTC 2011

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011 02:06:06 +0300, Erman Zülfükaroğlu wrote:
> Hi , I try to mount free bsd to Windows sharing folder.
> mount_smbs -I 10.0.0.x  /10.0.0.x/share folder name /mnt/mount folder

Is this the full command? Seems to contain too many spaces...

> but i can't.
> mount_smbfs=unable open to connection syserr=connection refused

Maybe you need tp specify user name and password for access?

> samba installed.

Do you have required settings in /etc/nsmb.conf, like workgroup
name, host address or password? Also did you quote irregular
characters (like spaces) in the directory name properly?

See "man nsmb.conf" for details.

Sorry I can't be more specific as I'm not a "Windows" person.
That's why I'd like to mention that the correct term for a
directory is "directory", not "folder" (which is the name
of an arbitrary symbol representing a directory). :-)

Here's an example of accessing a CIFS share on a "Windows"
PC using FreeBSD:

In /etc/nsmb.conf, we have:




In /etc/fstab, the "DOS drive letters" of the "Windows" PC
are represented as follows:

	//Administrator at WINPC/a$  /smb/a  smbfs  rw,noauto  0  0
	//Administrator at WINPC/c$  /smb/c  smbfs  rw,noauto  0  0
	//Administrator at WINPC/d$  /smb/d  smbfs  rw,noauto  0  0
	//Administrator at WINPC/e$  /smb/e  smbfs  rw,noauto  0  0
	//Administrator at WINPC/f$  /smb/f  smbfs  rw,noauto  0  0

Then the mount command can be performed like this:

	# mount /smb/c

But as I said, I've not bothered with "Windows" so I can't
tell you how to mount a CIFS share representing a subdirectory
on a specific drive.

I am also quite sure that using "Administrator" for accessing
is a bad idea, but it's not _my_ idea - I just found this little
example shown above in my binary garbage can. :-)

See "man mount_smbfs" for details.

Still I hope this gives you some help and further inspirations
on what to read.

PS. It's useful specifying a subject related to your
    question, not just "help".

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