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On Thu 14/07/11  9:28 PM , Maciej Milewski  wrote:On czwartek, 14
lipca 2011 04:25:59 Polytropon wrote:
 > On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:02:02 +1000, freebsd-
 > >  So are you saying I can't just grab the ath module?
 > Depends. Maybe a newer version of the module requires a more
 > recent version of the kernel, because a new interface or
 > function was added...
 > > I'd rather stick to release, but I guess if I'm having to rebuild
 > > kernel each update...
 > You _can_ try to just compile (1st step) and load (2nd step)
 > the module with the RELEASE kernel, but it's not guaranteed
 > to work. Both steps may require updates in sources or in the
 > running kernel as illustrated above.
 You may try to get ath driver from -HEAD and compile it with your
 tree[1]. There are many fixes for this chipset in the -HEAD. The
coming 9 will 
 have it(I don't know the timeframe for the release though)
 Ok, I tried that- I did look into running stable as well, something
Polytropon  mentioned which twigged and I thought I might go that way,
but looking into it further it is still a development branch. I think
I need a bit more stability for my users.

I bit the bullet and built subversion (which I'm more comfortable with
than cvs) and pulled down ath from head (specifically
head/sys/dev/ath, head/sys/modules/ath, head/sys/modules/ath_pci -
tried stable as well, but got the same result as now). I'm having
trouble building though (if I need to switch to a different list let
me know - just a little painful with no working network): I get some
odd file not found errors on some includes (headers from ath_hal
specifically), and when I fix that I get HAL_PHYERR_PARAM not defined
errors which I can't quite figure out. A point in the right direction
will do; right now I'm getting lost in the maze a bit.

I'm going to keep trying to untangle this, but some assistance would
be appreciated.

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