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> On Thursday 14 July 2011 20:06:06 Erman Zülfükaroğlu wrote:
> > Hi , I try to mount free bsd to Windows sharing folder.
> > mount_smbs -I 10.0.0.x  /10.0.0.x/share folder name /mnt/mount
> > folder
> > 
> > but i can't.
> > mount_smbfs=unable open to connection syserr=connection refused
> > 
> > samba installed.
> Which windows version? 
> Is the folder shared properly? Win 7 is pretty rough on sharing
> folders.

From the Windows command line run: net share

A list of all presently shared directories will be displayed. Make sure
the one you want is listed.

Making sure that the share exists, try this command substituting your
own values. IE, replace "laptop" & "user" & "ShareName" with your data.
Make sure the mount point does physically exist before running the

 mount_smbfs -I laptop -U user //user at laptop/ShareName /mnt

I will most likely ask for your password. Obviously you will need it to

You also might want to check your "/etc/hosts" file to be sure it is

You may need to use the "-W" option depending on how your system is
configured. I would avoid the use of a

This works on all versions of Windows I have tried/used since Win2K.

Personally, I avoid the "nsmb.conf", "~/.nsmbrc" files as I consider
them security threats. If you must use on, be sure to encrypt your
password. See: NSMB.CONF(5) for details.

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