KDE on FreeBSD

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 21:35:33 UTC 2011

> I'd love to help, if someone could help me find a JOB.  In the US, virtualy no
> one runs FreeBSD, so I am unable to find a job, even with 34 years experience.
> _______________________________________________

Virtually, right?
Maybe they do run FreeBSD on a virtual machine?  There are no stats to
back this up either way so we will be at a loss here :(

> I have been avoiding MicroSux WinBlows jobs.  I would rather leave the
> profession than support that garbage.

If you can have a computer shop/area for fixing computers fixing those
MS machines would be the way to make money.  I have a friend who is a
computer technician and he is very happy with the "garbage" that you
mention.  He says that because there are many careless users and the
"garbage" allows other "garbage"(virii, spyware, malware, etc) to come
in; he has a job and a way to provide for his family.  He can take his
kids to mcdonalds and get them a happy meal take out his family to
watch a movie.  I tell him the same thing like you mention, but he
says that fixing those machines that are out there is something that
he has to do to at least make ends meet and no, it is not support from
MS, it is a job to clean/wipe those machines to make them workable
again :)
support from M$ would be more money and I remember folks that get
burned at the stake for getting a job from those guys :(



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