KDE on FreeBSD

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at insightbb.com
Sun Jul 10 19:18:21 UTC 2011

The Newsflash page has a link to freebsd.kde.org, which has a broken link, 

I'm wondering if kaffeine has been abandoned, since there is a message in the 
kaffeine port

8 weeks 	arved 	Attempt to fix build Reported by: pointyhat Drop 

I LOVE kaffeine, but it appears to have many user interface bugs, yet many 
advanced features. Is it simply that KDE4 development is delaying development 
of kaffeine, or did the kaffeine guy give up?

I've submitted several bugs to KDE and I see them on kaffeine.sourceforge.net, 
but with someoe else's name (which I elieve means the kaffeine guy is still 
active, just overwhelmed).  There are bugs there that go back to 2005 as 
unconfirmed.  All  the bugs marked as FreeBSD came from me.

I'd love to help, if someone could help me find a JOB.  In the US, virtualy no 
one runs FreeBSD, so I am unable to find a job, even with 34 years experience.  
I have been avoiding MicroSux WinBlows jobs.  I would rather leave the 
profession than support that garbage.

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