KDE on FreeBSD

Tilman Keskinöz arved at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jul 11 19:32:13 UTC 2011

On Jul 10, 2011, at 21:18 , Steven Friedrich wrote:
> I'm wondering if kaffeine has been abandoned, since there is a message in the 
> kaffeine port
> Changes:
> 8 weeks 	arved 	Attempt to fix build Reported by: pointyhat Drop 
> Maintainership 

I just resetted maintainership, because i don't have enough time for it.
I expected someone else to pick it up, but so far this has not happened.

> I LOVE kaffeine, but it appears to have many user interface bugs, yet many 
> advanced features. Is it simply that KDE4 development is delaying development 
> of kaffeine, or did the kaffeine guy give up?

The kaffeine guy seems to be a bit busy, there is not much traffic on the
kaffeine mailinglist. But it is not abandonware.

> I've submitted several bugs to KDE and I see them on kaffeine.sourceforge.net, 
> but with someoe else's name (which I elieve means the kaffeine guy is still 
> active, just overwhelmed).  There are bugs there that go back to 2005 as 
> unconfirmed.  All  the bugs marked as FreeBSD came from me.

Did you also submit a patches?

If there are patches i can probably test and commit them.


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