Streams fail, more/less.

Gary Kline kline at
Tue Jan 25 23:54:35 UTC 2011

The _last_ thing that I need to resolve--or at least to understand, is why
streams suddenly stopped working about two weeks ago.  With all the other
hassles, I didn't want to check and see if streams worked here on my server
--they don't.  The streams stall after a few seconds or a few minutes on my
Ubuntu desktop.  The youtube streams always worked before.  No more.  

Meanwhile I have no trouble downloading source or packages at 110 to 170kpbs .
 But the streams fail: both audio and video.  I have zero idea even where to
 begin looking to fix this problem.

 Anybody know?

 thanks in advance,


 PS: some audio will streams at very slow rate ... but usually stops after a
 few minutes.

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