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prad prad at
Sat Jan 15 03:03:00 UTC 2011

Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at> writes:

> Hi list, I don't want make a flame post but I would ask an objective
> opinion, then not a camp opinion, about using FreeBSD or Debian Linux
> in a production environment for solution as such as cluster of some
> service, proxy, SAN, performance, smp with an high number of cpu, PDC,
> Mail Server (qmail), raid software, security support and hardware
> support. I'm using Slackware Linux but in production environment there
> are problem with packages and distro update and other support.
> Then for you, what is the best for those solutions?
we've run both albeit in a small environment.
both were excellent and never had any problems whatsoever workstations
or servers.

we run freebsd for our servers though because the most recent one we got
couldn't seem to work the hardware raid card with linux. i generally
prefer freebsd for server matters too because it has a 'cleanlier feel'
to it. 

this community was very helpful a couple of years ago in helping me to
set things up so i consider that to be another plus.

in friendship,

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