a few Last qstns on the wordpress installation....

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Fri Jan 14 19:32:13 UTC 2011

	This is directed at the few people who actually know how to
	configure this port.  First, I want to have this installed on at
	least my www.thought.org site as well as my transfinite.thought.org 
	domain.  subdomain // virtual-domain.   I asked about alterting
	the wp-config.php yesterday.  This php page memtions having 
	"multiple installations in one database [[I'm assuming using my
	original mysql setup]] bgiving each worpress istall a unique 
	$table_prefix.  Would 'wp0_' and 'wp1_' make sense?  

	The last question has to do with the "Site Title"; there were no
	examples, so I don't know if this means listing my site as www
	or www.thought.org  OR Gary's Blog or  "YO! Whatzup?"

	I have googled for examples of this last bit; no thing so far.  



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