a few Last qstns on the wordpress installation....

Chip Camden sterling at camdensoftware.com
Fri Jan 14 19:48:12 UTC 2011

Quoth Gary Kline on Friday, 14 January 2011:
> 	This is directed at the few people who actually know how to
> 	configure this port.  First, I want to have this installed on at
> 	least my www.thought.org site as well as my transfinite.thought.org 
> 	domain.  subdomain // virtual-domain.   I asked about alterting
> 	the wp-config.php yesterday.  This php page memtions having 
> 	"multiple installations in one database [[I'm assuming using my
> 	original mysql setup]] bgiving each worpress istall a unique 
> 	$table_prefix.  Would 'wp0_' and 'wp1_' make sense?  
> 	The last question has to do with the "Site Title"; there were no
> 	examples, so I don't know if this means listing my site as www
> 	or www.thought.org  OR Gary's Blog or  "YO! Whatzup?"
> 	I have googled for examples of this last bit; no thing so far.  
> 	Anybody?
> 	gary
> -- 
>  Gary Kline  kline at thought.org  http://www.thought.org  Public Service Unix
>            Journey Toward the Dawn, E-Book: http://www.thought.org
>           The 7.97a release of Jottings: http://jottings.thought.org

Both of those can be anything you want.

The database prefix just makes your database names unique.  I usually use
some form of the blog name itself as the prefix.

The site title is just a string that can be accessed from your WP theme.
usually the theme renders it as part of the title of each page, as well
as putting it near the top of the page somewhere (usually).

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