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Thu Jan 6 21:00:32 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 08:53:24AM -0600, Bryan H. wrote:
> If you're looking to pay a little for this, I might recommend you
> check out Squarespace[1].
> They have some great content management features and some wonderful
> templates, which are completely customizable.  Probably the best way
> to see how it works is to view the tour[2].
> And finally, you can get 14 days to try it completely free.  You don't
> even need a credit card to sign up, and if you use the offer code
> "TWIT" (from the "This Week in Tech" podcast with Leo Laporte), you
> can get 10% off the price for the life of your account[3].
> Even if you don't decide to go with Squarespace, I'd reinforce one
> thing Chris said:
> > If you want to promote some of your written work ... get a domain
> Perhaps you could use a sub-domain on your domain, but I
> would say that anyone using those free blog services ( /
> blogger / livejournal) for a for professional reason, well... aren't
> very professional, in my opinion.  ;-)
> Wordpress (the software)[4] is rather easy to install on your own
> servers, and has a nice, easy-to-use administration panel.  There are
> tons of themes and plugins available for it, so it's quite
> customizable as well.
> Hope that helps some.  :-)
>   [1]
>   [2]
>   [3]
>   [4]

	I don't know what happened to my .signature before, but I
	already have several virtual/sub domains.  i have already begun 
	to promote Journey at  I've also [finally]
	joined Facebook, and begun reading books and articles on howto 
	promote one's own books.  If, as Chris suggests, sites like are for blogging, why not use a free site there?
	Or build out my own page called, eg,

	Most of my day is spent on one of my project areas [[ BTW, my
	"speech-computer" project has actually proved out(!)]].  In just
	the past few days I have begun building out my site
	and asking questions on their forums.  I haven't paid much
	attention to blogs so far.  

	I occasionally ramble on about what's on my mind on my site, but I check, double- and
	triple-check my facts and then footnote them.   So back to the 
	idea of my getting into blogging as a means of promoting: is a
	blog suppose to be a factual discussion?  Opinions? Gossip?

	This has helped, thanks.  I don't think blogging is going to
	help me that much because there aren't that many of us geeks,
	and certainly many fewer with disabilities.  I'll look at our 
	wordpress port and see.  


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