blog-site questions....

Bryan H. lists at
Thu Jan 6 14:53:26 UTC 2011

If you're looking to pay a little for this, I might recommend you
check out Squarespace[1].

They have some great content management features and some wonderful
templates, which are completely customizable.  Probably the best way
to see how it works is to view the tour[2].

And finally, you can get 14 days to try it completely free.  You don't
even need a credit card to sign up, and if you use the offer code
"TWIT" (from the "This Week in Tech" podcast with Leo Laporte), you
can get 10% off the price for the life of your account[3].

Even if you don't decide to go with Squarespace, I'd reinforce one
thing Chris said:

> If you want to promote some of your written work ... get a domain

Perhaps you could use a sub-domain on your domain, but I
would say that anyone using those free blog services ( /
blogger / livejournal) for a for professional reason, well... aren't
very professional, in my opinion.  ;-)

Wordpress (the software)[4] is rather easy to install on your own
servers, and has a nice, easy-to-use administration panel.  There are
tons of themes and plugins available for it, so it's quite
customizable as well.

Hope that helps some.  :-)


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