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Chris Brennan xaero at
Thu Jan 6 21:41:32 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 4:00 PM, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:

>  I don't know what happened to my .signature before, but I
> already have several virtual/sub domains.  i have already begun
> to promote Journey at  I've also [finally]
> joined Facebook, and begun reading books and articles on howto
> promote one's own books.  If, as Chris suggests, sites like
> are for blogging, why not use a free site there?
> Or build out my own page called, eg,
Blogger and the like are for blogging, of a personal nature. For those that
don't have the cash or the expertise to set something up of their own. If
you have a large friend-base on Facebook, then you can certainly promote
your (e)book(s) there. That will get you exposure in the social-networking
realm. If you have the domain already ( then branching off of
that with something like or I would go that route (again, wordpress
would be ideal to start with
here). The goal here is that you don't want to look too amateurish. That
could hurt what reputation your trying to build.

> Most of my day is spent on one of my project areas [[ BTW, my
> "speech-computer" project has actually proved out(!)]].  In just
> the past few days I have begun building out my site
> and asking questions on their forums.  I haven't paid much
> attention to blogs so far.
I think you meant it is good that your "speech-computer" project
has proven itself.

I occasionally ramble on about what's on my mind on my
> site, but I check, double- and
> triple-check my facts and then footnote them.   So back to the
> idea of my getting into blogging as a means of promoting: is a
> blog suppose to be a factual discussion?  Opinions? Gossip?
> has the rudimentary feel of an editoral/blogging
site already, this would be a good start ... you could fire up wordpress and
port your articles from transfinite to wordpress (copy/paste or any other
means avail.) as a base and then you can move into promoting your
(e)Book(s). The purpose of the blogging site is to make yourself known,
basically as an independent reporter (at least that's how I've always viewed
it). To answer your last series of questions here. The blog will be anything
you want it to be, including all of these. I would suggest visiting, and a few others you can find and read the
public blogs there. You will find a large majority of them very amateurish,
but you will find some that are very well done. Both in visual appeal and
structure of the written word.

> This has helped, thanks.  I don't think blogging is going to
> help me that much because there aren't that many of us geeks,
> and certainly many fewer with disabilities.  I'll look at our
> wordpress port and see.

Well, it could help, in conjunction with other promotion tools. If you are
published, then your books will get assigned ISBN/ISBN13 numbers, you can
then promote and talk about the fact that your books are listed on amazon,
barns & noble, etc, from a personal standpoint. Blog about your experiences
of being a new writer, being published for the first time, etc, etc. It's an
open door to make with as you please.

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