How can I implement true vps with FreeBSD as a host?

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sat Jan 1 01:07:45 UTC 2011

On 01/01/11 10:56, Martes G Wigglesworth wrote:
> Just wanted to clarify:
> I do understand that Xen runs under the dom0 OS however, I keep 
> forgetting to use the correct terminology.
> sorry about that.
> I guess the requirement is that FreeBSD needs kernel work to run as a 
> hypervisor-aware dom0 Operating system.
> I may want to check on what I am really trying to do.
> I really just want to have a fair, and/or encapsulation of jailed 
> environments.
> Is there really no other way to do this without running VBox?
> Has anyone ever investigated a fair resource manager for jails on BSD 
> before?
> (I know this is probably a huge undertaking, but I figured that was 
> the only third option that I came up with, prior to emailing the list...)
Depends on what you mean by 'fair'. I think you can now determine CPU 
usage in jails, even allocate cores. I think the man pages can tell you 
more about that, and the docs on You can unmask some 
devices within the jail and allow only certain jails and users to access 
it. And finally I think you can jail a jail now, so that might be 
useful- especially in CPU allocation.

Jails will run faster than VBox (or qemu, or VMWare), you're basically 
running a specific system which puts it in the same category as Xen 
without the Vt stuff so it will run on any hardware you choose. Thats a 
very good start anyway.

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