How can I implement true vps with FreeBSD as a host?

Martes G Wigglesworth mailinglistmember at
Sat Jan 1 00:57:33 UTC 2011

Just wanted to clarify:

I do understand that Xen runs under the dom0 OS however, I keep 
forgetting to use the correct terminology.

sorry about that.

I guess the requirement is that FreeBSD needs kernel work to run as a 
hypervisor-aware dom0 Operating system.

I may want to check on what I am really trying to do.

I really just want to have a fair, and/or encapsulation of jailed 

Is there really no other way to do this without running VBox?

Has anyone ever investigated a fair resource manager for jails on BSD 

(I know this is probably a huge undertaking, but I figured that was the 
only third option that I came up with, prior to emailing the list...)


Martes G Wigglesworth
M. G. Wigglesworth Holdings, LLC

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