Problems with pkg_upgrade

David Jackson djackson452 at
Mon Dec 26 05:05:20 UTC 2011

On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 11:52 PM, Carl Johnson <carlj at> wrote:

> David Jackson <djackson452 at> writes:
> > Since I wish to use packages instead of ports to update my system,
> someone
> > recommended I use pkg_upgrade. However, basically, it does not work. It
> > gets to downloaded packages. But, after 10 packages, it prints a message
> > "Protocol error" and then "Package x cannot be fetched", where x is the
> > name of the pavkage it stops at. I can restart pkg_upgrade, it downloads
> 10
> > more packages where it stopped previously, but then gives this same
> message
> > again. Maybe the connection to the FTP server os being lost and code
> needs
> > to be added to automatically restart the FTP connection without the whole
> > thing crashing?
> >
> > I do think packages need to be better supported on FreeBSD, many users do
> > prefer to use packages due to speed and convenience and do not prefer to
> > build it all. it shouldnt be such a hassle
> I can't help directly with your problem, but both portupgrade and
> portmaster support packages.  In both cases you can just supply the -P
> or -PP options to specify how to handle packages.  I think they both
> require that the ports tree be present for the /usr/ports/INDEX file,
> but otherwise they can use just packages.
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The fact is, I have had problems with portupgrade as well, in fact,
portupgrade would give errors as well with not being able to download
packages, the entire upgrade process at that point would fail. That is the
reason I am trying pkg_upgrade. Again, things should work better than this.
Things shouldnt be such a hassle. It should work similar to ubuntu apt-get,
where it just works out of the box.  You type apt-get upgrade and it
automatically upgrades everything, no need to mess around,

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