Problems with pkg_upgrade

Carl Johnson carlj at
Mon Dec 26 04:52:45 UTC 2011

David Jackson <djackson452 at> writes:

> Since I wish to use packages instead of ports to update my system, someone
> recommended I use pkg_upgrade. However, basically, it does not work. It
> gets to downloaded packages. But, after 10 packages, it prints a message
> "Protocol error" and then "Package x cannot be fetched", where x is the
> name of the pavkage it stops at. I can restart pkg_upgrade, it downloads 10
> more packages where it stopped previously, but then gives this same message
> again. Maybe the connection to the FTP server os being lost and code needs
> to be added to automatically restart the FTP connection without the whole
> thing crashing?
> I do think packages need to be better supported on FreeBSD, many users do
> prefer to use packages due to speed and convenience and do not prefer to
> build it all. it shouldnt be such a hassle

I can't help directly with your problem, but both portupgrade and
portmaster support packages.  In both cases you can just supply the -P
or -PP options to specify how to handle packages.  I think they both
require that the ports tree be present for the /usr/ports/INDEX file,
but otherwise they can use just packages.
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