Problems with pkg_upgrade

David Jackson djackson452 at
Mon Dec 26 04:14:26 UTC 2011

Since I wish to use packages instead of ports to update my system, someone
recommended I use pkg_upgrade. However, basically, it does not work. It
gets to downloaded packages. But, after 10 packages, it prints a message
"Protocol error" and then "Package x cannot be fetched", where x is the
name of the pavkage it stops at. I can restart pkg_upgrade, it downloads 10
more packages where it stopped previously, but then gives this same message
again. Maybe the connection to the FTP server os being lost and code needs
to be added to automatically restart the FTP connection without the whole
thing crashing?

I do think packages need to be better supported on FreeBSD, many users do
prefer to use packages due to speed and convenience and do not prefer to
build it all. it shouldnt be such a hassle

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