FreeBSD 8 LiveFS - How To Start SSHD?

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Sun Dec 25 00:44:31 UTC 2011

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> Subject: FreeBSD 8 LiveFS - How To Start SSHD?
> I've lost a drive in my FBSD 8.? box.  I have a FBSD 8.1 LiveFS CD from 
> which I've booted.  I'd like to get sshd running so I can connect 
> remotely and have the ability to browse, copy/paste, etc. while I see 
> what I might be able to salvage before replacing my drive.
> I've found these directions:
> I can do the "Configure the network connection", the  "setup login shell 
> for root", and the "Prepare SSH" part.  However the "Enable, configure, 
> and start sshd" part doesn't seem to apply and really doesn't make sense.
> Bottom line is that after running /mnt2/use/sbin/sshd, I can see the 
> process in ps output.  However when I attempt to connect to sshd as 
> root, my connection is immediately closed.  I'm thinking it's a 
> PermitRootLogin yes issue and I'm missing something but I've read and 
> re-read that section and verified that /etc/ssh/sshd_config contains 
> PermitRootLogin yes.

If it happens -before- getting the login prompt, it is *NOT* a PermitRootLogin
isssue.  If you get the login prompt, put in 'root', and are -then- cut off
it is a root login issue.

Immediate connect and disconnect points to an issue with the IP address
you're connecting from -- as sshd (or possibly tcpwrapper) sees it, that is.
could be "no reverse-DNS", or inconsistent forward/reverse.  Could be that
the address/domain is blocked in /etc/hosts.{deny,allow}

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