FreeBSD 8 LiveFS - How To Start SSHD?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Sat Dec 24 22:54:40 UTC 2011

I've lost a drive in my FBSD 8.? box.  I have a FBSD 8.1 LiveFS CD from 
which I've booted.  I'd like to get sshd running so I can connect 
remotely and have the ability to browse, copy/paste, etc. while I see 
what I might be able to salvage before replacing my drive.

I've found these directions:

I can do the "Configure the network connection", the  "setup login shell 
for root", and the "Prepare SSH" part.  However the "Enable, configure, 
and start sshd" part doesn't seem to apply and really doesn't make sense.

Bottom line is that after running /mnt2/use/sbin/sshd, I can see the 
process in ps output.  However when I attempt to connect to sshd as 
root, my connection is immediately closed.  I'm thinking it's a 
PermitRootLogin yes issue and I'm missing something but I've read and 
re-read that section and verified that /etc/ssh/sshd_config contains 
PermitRootLogin yes.

Can anyone tell me how to get sshd running or point me to a better link?



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