9.3RC3: halt

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at ose.nl
Fri Dec 23 17:05:23 UTC 2011


From: Damien Fleuriot [mailto:ml at my.gd]
To: Bas Smeelen [mailto:b.smeelen at ose.nl]
Sent: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:49:04 +0100
Subject: Re: 9.3RC3: halt
  I do like your company's email disclaimer.
  At least it doesn't pretend to "PROHIBIT" recipients from doing anything
  when it has no legal leg to stand on, it merely asks nicely.
  Makes for a nice change.
  happy xmasThanks  Damien
My employer still does not approve and does not understand my explanation that a disclaimer is just plain bullshit. I still put this in to keep him quiet :)

Happy Christmas to you too and have great holidays

p.s. I cc'd questions because I like your comment and more people could do it this way, thanks very much


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