[Spam] Fw: Merry Christmas from the FreeBSD Security Team

Daniel Staal DStaal at usa.net
Sat Dec 24 01:09:08 UTC 2011

--As of December 23, 2011 5:45:42 PM +0100, Bas Smeelen is alleged to have 

> While I'm writing, a note to freebsd-update users:
> FreeBSD-SA-11:07.chroot has a rather messy fix involving adding a new
> interface to libc; this has the awkward side effect of causing the sizes
> of some "symbols" (aka. functions) in libc to change, resulting in
> cascading changes into many binaries.  The long list of updated files is
> irritating, but isn't a sign that anything in freebsd-update went wrong.

--As for the rest, it is mine.

I appreciate the hard work, though I could wish it were better timed.  ;)

However, the above does worry me a bit: Is that same library change likely 
to affect ports?  Any way to tell which, if so?  (Or should I just start 
reinstalling everything...)

Daniel T. Staal

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