gpart, modified label does not show up in /dev/gpt.

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Fri Dec 23 17:56:59 UTC 2011

Hello all.

I just installed FreeBSD 9.0 RC2 and upgraded to 9.0 RC3.

I used the standard GPT disk layout at install.

Now i want to set labels for my disk, so that i can swap around disks a 
little more easy.
So reading through the man page it told me to use gpart modify -i -l

The layout is as follows:
test# gpart status
  Name  Status  Components
da0p1      OK  da0
da0p2      OK  da0
da0p3      OK  da0

test# gpart list | grep label
    label: (null)
    label: (null)
    label: (null)

Now i modified the gpart labels.

test# gpart modify -i1 -l bootpart da0
da0p1 modified
test# gpart modify -i2 -l rootpart da0
da0p2 modified
test# gpart modify -i3 -l swap da0
da0p3 modified

Ok all looks fine.
Now lets see if i can use my labels

test# cd /dev/gpt
/dev/gpt: No such file or directory.

Well it does not create my labels
I did check if the labels where there

test# gpart list | grep label
    label: bootpart
    label: rootpart
    label: swap

So i rebooted the machine!
But after a reboot, still no /dev/gpt.

So why is it not creating my labels!
Am i missing a step?

Thanks for your time.

And before i forget, merry christmas to all, and a wonderful 2012.

Johan Hendriks

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