acpi problem on dell latitude d830

Ouyang Xueyu freebsd at
Thu Dec 15 00:00:41 UTC 2011


I`ve just installed freebsd 8.2 i386 stable on a Dell Latitude D830.
I`m using gnome 2 with HAL and DBUS successfully.

My notebook is not able to go into sleeping mode, it doesn`t work when 
I use
"acpiconf -s 3" or "acpiconf -s 4". Mode S3 gets it into sleep mode, 
but it freezes
after wake-up with a distorted screen.
In mode S4 (suspend-to-disk) it isn`t even able to
get into sleeping mode. I want to initiate S4 state by closing the lid.

I also want to use the docking station. I would like to use the
hot-docking functionality. The docking station has a power switch,
which functions properly. It also has an undocking-button, which causes
a freeze of the system. The audio-out on the docking-station is also 
PS/2 keyboard, ethernet and USB on the docking-station is working.

My kernel was compiled with acpi_dock.
dmesg says:

acpi_dock0: <ACPI Docking Station> on acpi0
acpi_dock0: _DCK failed


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